Warehousing and Distribution

For those customers who cannot count on an established warehousing and transportation grid, Pourshins offers access to its global network, comprised of best in class logistics partners in five continents, offering multi-temperature, as well as bonded capabilities. Our consolidation centers in strategic locations assist us in delivering in-flight services products to over 650 airports around the world.

Working with carefully selected logistics partners, we provide stable and proven processes and tools, ensuring that logistics performance is consistent across your network. We continually review the Warehousing and Distribution costs in order to optimize value and rationalize volumes being pushed through your catering network.

In case you already have an established logistics network, Pourshins will engage with your existing suppliers and work with them to ensure that they perform according to your needs. We guide logistics service providers in terms of their expected performance, KPIs and metrics and most importantly, what amount they will receive, store and ship into the catering network.

Our ERP system and associated modules connect all partners in the supply chain, enabling global visibility across all warehousing and delivery locations. The ability to pull and manage data throughout the network is vital to our ability to rationalize the overall cost of your supply chain.

The usage of our global logistics platforms gives access to synergies and economies of scale. We help increase speed of delivery and ultimately make the caterer’s life easier through the consolidation of deliveries.