Sourcing and Procurement

Pourshins’s strategic sourcing and procurement service focusses on delivering enhanced business performance and driving bottom-line savings. Our thought leadership and global perspectives transform the way the supply base is both sourced and managed.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Alternatives

Customer Nominated Products

Our sourcing and procurement team works closely with your food and equipment suppliers, to plan and manage stocks to be sent to central warehouses  in a timely manner, so they are ready to be sent to catering stations.

The customer remains responsible for supplier nomination, F&B selection and product price negotiation. Pourshins, through the use of specific tools and robust processes, will optimize your planning and forecasting activity. We manage the end to end ordering process and provide full visibility over the amounts purchased, as well as the inventory on hand. Having visibility and control at the start of the supply chain is the foundation for an effective and cost efficient management of the in-flight service across your network.

The Pourshins Catalogue

The Pourshins catalogue model enables outsourcing of your sourcing and procurement activity, while remaining in full control over the products you want onboard.

Over the past 20 years, Pourshins has built an extensive product catalogue, having established strong relationships with hundreds of food, beverage and equipment suppliers in 5 continents.

We work closely with our customers to define compelling and cost effective services, ensuring consistency and accountability. The process is simple. You brief us on what product you want, we will source, present and quote it for you. The last word is yours.

Product Lifecycle Management

The launch of new products and the phasing out of old products demand specific lifecycle management approaches. Whether the products are retail or offered as part of a complimentary service, it represents the most difficult task for an inventory expert - maximizing availability whilst minimizing unused stocks. Lifecycle management is a key feature of our services offering.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management is an area of strength. The ongoing measurement of suppliers, supported by Monthly Business Reviews is part of our standard approach.

It Is Characterized by a Multi-Level Category Approach:

  • Full Strategic Partnerships
  • Preferred Partnerships
  • Tactical Partnerships
Responsiveness and Availability Supported by Robust Systems

Our systems underpin our approach with forecasting, control and supply planning capabilities. Forecasting and demand planning is a complex skillset, which can easily drive inefficiencies throughout the supply chain. Our systems are key to our success when it comes to improving the supply chain performance and overall cost of in-flight food and equipment supply.