Asset Management

The Pourshins Asset Management program is focused on the optimization of your in-flight equipment usage, improving ROI and amortization periods, while rationalizing investment capital tied up in inventories. Our program is data and KPI driven and is sustained by the usage of specific tools, designed for the management of in-flight equipment management travelling through your supply chain.

Our Asset Management Software tools, in conjunction with our team of experts enable Pourshins to:
  • Forecast accurately and optimize purchased equipment quantities
  • Reduce the value of inventory on hand and the number of SKUs on your books
  • Improve the ordering process, optimizing lead times, inventory on hand and equipment usage
  • Optimize cost of warehousing and transport flows for both inbound and outbound equipment
  • Increase visibility and control over equipment and more efficient asset management
  • Reduce the burden involved in administration and issue resolution
  • Reduce equipment shortages and consequently, prevent service failures
  • Improve management of imbalances between catering stations, preventing over-purchasing
Our Asset Management program provides tangible cost and resource saving opportunities including:
  • Reduction in the amount of product being purchased
  • Reduction in inbound logistics
  • Reduction in equipment warehousing cost
  • Reduction in equipment distribution cost
  • Reduction in emergency delivery costs
  • Reduction in Capital tied up in inventory
  • Reduction of obsolescence
  • Rationalization of resources